A trove of cloaks, daggers, who-dunnits, ghosts, goblins, and secret passages to adventure and beyond… 

(Writers of children’s imaginative fantasy and adventure books, young adult and supernatural and mystery stories.)

The Witch of Whidbey Isle

Mack Morgan Mysteries

Ghost Hunting with My Dog Gus

My Uncle Has a Dragon!

About Our Authors

Henneman House Publishing is the collaborative creative platform for husband and wife writers Noel and Nicole Henneman, and their son – Ronin.

Nicole writes adventure stories for older children and young adults, as well as supernatural fiction for adults. Inspired by the adventures and musings of their young son, Noel is drawn to creating worlds of imagination for young children.

Both Noel and Nicole aim to not only entertain readers, but to envelope them in the expanses of different worlds and dimensions.